A.GO brand is the manifestation of my life-long love affair with scents and all that is beautiful and luxurious. Travels and unforgettable memories inspired me to create something fragrant and stylish that could both decorate homes and gratify souls. In addition to awakening your senses, these scented candles will take you through a lasting memorable experience while bringing back the memories of your travels and triggering the joy of life. I am very proud of my decision to craft the scented candles that are both fragrant and modern. The A.GO brand signifies the best memories of my life and, thus, is also a part of me. 


Sincerely yours,

Giedre Ona Apanaviciene




A.GO brand name is created from first letters of founder full name (Giedre Ona Apanaviciene) and this word means "some time before" (ago). Every scent reminds best memories from the past. / / A scent to bring memories of places back. / /